Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heritage run in Bidar

GoUNESCO, a Hyderabad-based group of travel enthusiasts who run a global travel challenge to encourage young people to visit world heritage sites, is coming to Bidar.

They will organise a monument exploration event and heritage run on November 1 and 2, to create awareness about the significance of monuments and heritage sites here.

“It will be distinct from a marathon in many ways,” Ajay Reddy, GoUNESCO founder, told The Hindu .

“The run will be centred around monuments and heritage structures. It will be a fun event. We will invite families and not just race runners to be part of the run,” he said.

The organisation has organised heritage runs in well-known sites like Hampi. “But now our focus is on lesser known sites. Sites that are off the popular tourist map, need the publicity as they need to be conserved. The villages and cities in which they are situated need to develop,” he said.

The most interesting part of the event will be a “cave hunt” in which a team of explorers will walk through the Karez system, a network of underground aqueducts, built by the Bahmani kings in the 15th century. Those interested in joining the run can register with the GoUNESCO site or its various social media handles.


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