Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crops on 10,000 ha. lost in Bidar district

Bhalki, Bidar, Aurad taluks worst hit
Green gram, black gram, red gram, soya, jowar affected

Bidar: Flash floods in the Manjra and Karanja rivers owing to heavy rain and the sudden release of water from dams in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh seem to have caused extensive crop loss in the district.
The Manjra flows through nearly 250 villages in three taluks: Bhalki, Bidar and Aurad.
The district administration's preliminary estimates say crops have been lost on around 10,000 hectares in the district. Most of the crop loss is in these three taluks.

Flood alert in North, Coastal Karnataka

The number of houses that have been damaged has risen to 7798 including 3562 in Bidar followed by Gadag (670) and Gulbarga (639). ...READ FULL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three children die in road accident Three children die in road accident

Bidar: Three schoolchildren died and seven others were injured in a road accident in Basavakalyan on Wednesday.
Aleen Pathan (8), Abhishek Karibasappa (12) and Farhanaz Hajimia (14) died on the spot when the autorickshaw carrying them collided with a lorry near Bandavara Oni in Basavakalyan town.
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A platform to gaze upon moonlit skies

Bidar: The district administration will develop Chandni Chabutra, a historical monument here, as a tourist spot.
Chandni Chabutra or “the platform for moonlit nights” is a raised structure on the eastern side of the Bidar Fort, near the Talghat Darwaza. It was built for viewing the skies; the view on full moon days is considered to be especially spectacular.
“The Chabutra is the highest point on the far side of the fort and one can see the lowlands and neighbouring villages from here,” says historian and member  Read full article

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bidar will receive an investment of Rs. 11,000 crore and provide direct employment to 1,000 people

Bidar: The proposed bio-technology park in Bidar will receive an investment of Rs. 11,000 crore and provide direct employment to 1,000 people, district in-charge Minister Revu Naik Belamagi said here on Sunday.
He was speaking after hoisting the national flag here on Independence Day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tourism department sanctions Rs. 3 crore

The State Government will develop the historical Ali Barid garden and the scenic Papnash Temple at a cost of Rs. 3 crore.
“We will develop gardens, walkways and shelters in these places of tourist importance. We will also improve the approach roads to these places,” Deputy Commissioner Sameer Shukla told presspersons here on Tuesday.
Principal Secretary of Tourism K. Jothiramalingam, who visited these places recently, has promised that works at Ali Barid will get Rs. 2 crore and those at Papnash Temple will get Rs. 1 crore, he said.
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Government mulls buying old cows and give loans at 6 per cent interest to farmers

The Government is considering buying old cows from farmers who cannot afford to care for them, Animal Husbandry Minister Revu Naik Belamagi said here on Tuesday. “Poor farmers tend to sell old cows to slaughterhouses after they stop giving milk. They find it costly to keep cows and bulls after they get old and are no longer useful. READ FULL

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nazeer A Khan, A Bidar lad who played vital role in defeating the British officers in FOOT BALL match.

Many of us have seen Movie "LAGAAN"  staring Aamir Khan, and the same thing  has been repeated in the history and this time its not cricket match its a FOOT BALL and Nazeer Ahmed Khan the Bidar lad who scored the Winning goal against the British officers serving in the Hyderabad Nizam's army in that hard-fought match.

Source: The Hindu

This footballer has a special place in Bidar's history

Soccer became popular in Bidar after the memorable tournament in Hyderabad 65 years ago

People of Bidar have special love for the game of football.

This sport became popular in the region after the memorable tournament organised 65 years ago in Hyderabad.

A team of local lads defeated the British officers serving in the Hyderabad Nizam's army in that hard-fought match.

The player who scored the match winning goal was a 17-year-old lad from Bidar.

Nazeer Ahmed Khan of Siddi Taleem in Bidar was a self-taught footballer. He used to watch soldiers play football and serve as their assistant during the game.

He soon developed a passion for the game and joined Bidar Sporting Club.

His club used to participate in the matches across the Nizam's Kingdom and organise tournaments in Bidar.

The erstwhile Nizam's State spread across parts of today's Hyderabad-Karnataka, Marathwada and Telangana.

British officers in the Nizam's infantry used to play football with teams of youths from across the Nizam's State.

Khan became a hero in one such tournament. The all-important tournament in Hyderabad was held in 1946 in which a team of British officers played the local lads who had grouped themselves under City Club.

“The Diwan, who was watching the match, came down the pavilion and hugged Khan, who instantly developed a fan following in Hyderabad. When Khan returned to Bidar, the District Collector gave a rousing welcome and organised a civic reception in his honour near the old mosque,'' says Liaqat Ali Khan, chronicler of Bidar's history.

“Khan continued to play for Bidri Sporting Club. He also played some matches for Mohammaden Sporting Club of Kolkata.

“He died in 2007. As long as he lived, he inspired footballers in Bidar and Hyderabad,'' he said.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Akkamahadevi College, Bidar have been declared runner-up

The winners of the intercollegiate youth festival 2010-11 have been declared with Godutai Doddappa Appa Arts and Commerce College for Women of Gulbarga becoming the overall champion. The two -day event saw Karnataka State Women's University and the PG Team of Bijapur being declared as runners-up.

In the fine arts category, the overall champs scored again while Akkamahadevi College, Bidar was the runner-up.