Tuesday, January 28, 2014

371 (J): Implementation Just a Matter of Time

The countdown has started for implementation of Article 371 (J) in Hyderabad-Karnataka region, said District Minister Umashree after hoisting the flag at Nehru Stadium on the occasion of Republic Day.

“Reservation will be provided to people of the region in both jobs and education. The Constitution’s aim is to provide justice, equality, independence to all and create a feeling of brotherhood and respect towards all religions,” she said. Umashree said the Centre has given approval to the establishment of the National Investment Manufacturing Zone in 12 villages in Bidar and Bhalki taluk. The zone will cover 12,000 acres and will provide jobs directly or indirectly to about 2.5 lakh people, she added.

Bidar district has 693.1 km of state highways and 877 km of district main roads and the government has released `16.06 crore for its maintenance, she added.


Bidar-Humnabad Train details.

South Central Railway (SCR) will run six DEMU passenger special trains between Bidar and Humnabad on January 26.
In a press release here today, the SCR said

  • Train 07009 Bidar-Humnabad DEMU passenger special will depart Bidar at 0500 hrs and arrive Humnabad at 0645 hrs on the same day

  • Train 07023 Bidar-Humnabad DEMU passenger special will depart Bidar at 1330 hrs and arrive Humnabad at 1515 hrs on the same day

  • Train 07011 Bidar-Humnabad DEMU passenger special will depart Bidar at 1800 hrs and arrive Humnabad at 1945 hrs on the same day

  • Train 07010 Humnabad-Bidar DEMU passenger special will depart Humnabad at 0730 hrs and arrive Bidar at 0915 hrs on the same day.

  • Train 07024 Humnabad-Bidar DEMU passenger special will depart Humnabad at 1530 hrs and arrive Bidar at 1715 hrs on the same day.

  • Train 07012 Humnabad-Bidar DEMU passenger special will depart Humnabad at 2000 hrs and arrive Bidar at 2145 hrs on the same day,
enroute to Khanapur, Kanaji, Hallikhed and Nandagaon in both the directions.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Cannon found in Bidar

Date of the 10-ft long three-tonne monument is yet to be determined

HERITAGE:The huge cannon found in the moat surrounding the fort in Bidar on Friday.— PHOTO: T. GOPICHAND

A team of officials of the District Heritage Cell have found a cannon, while cleaning a moat beside the outer fort wall here on Friday.

“The cannon, which is possibly made from iron, going by the sparse metal traces, weighs at least three tonnes. Its length is about 10 ft and diameter about nine inches,” Shashikanth Malli, engineer in-charge of heritage conservation, toldThe Hindu. It has two arms on the side, a hole for the wick and a latch to close it.

“It seems to be a tripod-mounted cannon. We may find the tripod or a stand, if we dig deeper,” he said.

The driver of an earthmover, which has been pressed into service to clear the bushes and dig the soil in the moat, found the cannon. It is now kept along the moat wall, in a lane next to the Bahujan Samaj Party office at Shah Gunj in the Old City. Mr. Malli said, the weapon would be examined by experts of the State Archaeology Department to determine its date. The cleaning operations would continue and all artefacts and other materials found in the moat would be handed over to the Department of Archaeology. “It must have been mounted on one of the watch-towers along the moat and it might have fallen down from there,” Prakash Patil, a resident of the Old City, said.

The Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation has taken up the project of cleaning the moat at a cost of Rs. 4 crore. There are two sets of moats in the Old City. The first set of triple moats surrounds the inner fort walls.

The second moat that works as a large drain, surrounds the outer fort wall. The total length of these two moats is over 14 kilometres, covering an area of over 1,100 acres of land in the Old City.
Experts to examine itto determine date


Involving youth in Bidar Utsav preparations

Over 500 college students participate in ‘shramadana’

The district administration has found an interesting way to involve youth and local community members in the preparations for the Bidar Utsav scheduled for three days from February 1. Recently, it engaged them in ‘shramadana’ to clean the utsav venue.

Over 500 college students cleaned the ground next to the Diwan-e-Khas, where the main stage for the utsav will be put up.

The students were divided into six groups and two teachers were in charge of each group. National Cadet Corps cadets, National Service Scheme volunteers and Scouts and Guides participated in large numbers. Pourakarmikas, government staff and officials also took part in the event.

P.C Jaffer, Deputy Commissioner, led the cleaning drive by removing weeds with a sickle. Political leaders such as Babu Wali and Anil Beldar joined him.

The idea behind involving college students is to ensure a long-term collaboration with the youth, Dr. Jaffer said. He said the success of the ‘sharma dana’ had encouraged them to organise such camps in various parts of the city. “We want to involve the youth and local residents in cleaning and beautification of the city,” he said.

Similar experiment

A similar experiment was done in Basavakalyan as part of preparations for the Basava Utsav. K. Hephsiba Rani, Assistant Commissioner, successfully organised ‘shrama dana’ camps on the premises of historical monuments.


About 20 teams were formed to participate in the cleanliness drive that was held every Saturday for two months. Over 2,000 students gathered to clean the sites and listen to motivational speeches of leaders and senior officials.

“We had an unprecedented support from students,” Ms. Rani said. Most of them felt it was the first government initiative to involve the youngsters in public events. They were very enthusiastic, she added.

  • The three-day event is scheduled to begin on February 1
  • The idea is to have a long-term collaboration
  • with youngsters, says Deputy Commissioner

Friday, January 10, 2014

The sacred and the mundane

The spring or the ‘Jhira’ flows continuously, carries sweet water and fills in a pond where pilgrims take a dip at Bidar, says S.Vishwanath

Bidar is a lovely town with a salubrious climate. Closer to Hyderabad than to Bangalore it is a remote yet beautiful outpost of the State. In this land over 500 years ago Guru Nanakji set foot. At the request of the local people it is said, he created a spring which flows to this day with sweet water. The Gurudwara Shri Nanak Jhira Saheb, two kms from the bus stand, was established at this site in a nice valley, surrounded by laterite hills on three sides.Continuous flow

The spring or the ‘Jhira’ flows continuously, carries sweet water and fills in a pond where pilgrims take a dip. Part of the towns business comes from these crowds who gather at the spot built around water. It stands to reason therefore that special attention should be paid to the spring and great care taken of this water resource. The Gurudwara itself has organized the tunnel and the point where the spring emerges very well. A glass panel enables viewing, yet protects the spring from desecration.

However, science, and particularly the science of hydro-geology, should come into play, and quickly. The recharge zone of the spring, the surrounding hills are being built upon at an unprecedented rate. Septic tanks and soak pits are sending the waste-water generated into the ground. The surface is being crusted up with roads and buildings preventing the seepage of water into the ground.

It is likely that the sacred ‘Jhira’ will first be contaminated by the bad water and if steps are not taken quickly, may also run dry due to lack of recharge of waters in the hills.

We should not allow such a sacred spot to suffer such a fate. It is in the interest of society, the hospitality trade and the governments to intervene quickly, commission a study, understand the geology and take the necessary steps to preserve the waters. Science and spirituality need to talk fast. That would be water wisdom for Bidar.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Chiranjeevi to attend Bidar Utsav

Renowned Telugu actor Chiranjeevi is likely to attend Bidar Utsav, which will be held at Bidar district for three days from February 1. The actor-turned-politician recently campaigned inKarnataka for congress candidates in theassembly elections. Chiranjeevi is serving as Union Minister of State for Tourism.

Actress-turned-politician Umashree, who is also the district minister of Bidar district, recently said that actors Chiranjeevi, Ambareesh and Ramyawill add glitter to the three day cultural extravaganza which will show cause the culture and tradition of Karnataka. Chief Minister Siddaramiah will also participate in the event.

Actor Chiranjeevi, who has acted in over 150 films, is said to be a close friend to Rebel Star Ambareesh. He was seen in a special role in Sipayi which starred V Ravichandaran andSoundarya in the lead roles. The movie was released in the year 1996. The project was directed by Ravichandaran.