Saturday, October 31, 2015

Proud Son of Bidar, among 60 Rajyotsava Award winners.

Team BidarInfo thanks Govt of Karnataka for selecting Dr Virendra Simpi of Bidar for Rajyotsava Award in literature category.

A very well deserving Award.


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Govt. to take up cleaning of kalyanis in Bidar

Source: The HIndu:-

District has 450 kalyanis that have a connection with religious places

Inspired by the success of the cleaning of tanks and ponds, the administration is planning to take up cleaning of kalyanis on the premises of temples and dargahs across the district.

The district has 450 kalyanis or wells or water bodies that have a connection with religious places. Most of them have fallen to disuse now, due to accumulation of garbage, mud sliding or drying up of water sources.

Some of them are intricately carved like the Pari Bavadi in Choukhandi. Some are three floor structures like the one in Chalkapur with changing rooms and washing areas, and others are connected to larger water bodies like the Paapnaash lake.

“There is an urgent need to recover these water sources by cleaning and digging them up,” Anurag Tewari, Deputy Commissioner, told The Hindu .

“This is the best time to do it as we have an unprecedented water scarcity this year. Once a few kalyanis are cleared of garbage, they will start giving water. That will boost our water recharging efforts and increase people’s involvement in governance,” he said. According to him, various departments would be involved in the task.

“We will take up cleaning of all the kalyanis in cities under watershed development schemes. Water bodies in rural areas will be taken up by the Department of Panchayat Raj and those with tourism potential will be cleaned under the ongoing scheme of beautifying water structures in tourist places,” the Deputy Commissioner said. He pointed out that 20 large tanks and ponds were cleaned up under watershed development scheme in five taluks. Some of them had impounded water after the recent rain, Mr. Tewari said.

Students to be involved

The Tourism Department has drawn up plans to involve the youth and students in restoration of water bodies. Legend has it that the Mailar Mallanna Temple in Khanapur forests had 108 kundas or open wells. “We will involve college students in identifying these bodies, mapping them and cleaning them up through shramadaan and other activities,” says Kishor Joshi, Assistant Director of Tourism. “We have begun communicating with NCC and NSS groups in colleges to organise treks in the Khanapur forests to identify the kundas,” he said.

Vinay Malage, coordinator of Team Yuva, a non-governmental organisation that monitored the cleaning of tanks, says public support to the efforts went up once the district administration allowed farmers to take home the fertile soil taken from the tank beds.


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Friday, October 23, 2015

For Surya Kiran aerobatics team, IAF set to purchase 20 Hawks

Source :   :-

Unlike the earlier Hawks, the current order will have Hawk AJTs with smoke pots and liveried in the colours of the Surya Kiran team. The order is estimated to be worth more than $500 million.

Hawk AJTs will have smoke pots and liveried in the colours of Surya Kiran team.

Currently flying aircraft borrowed from fighter pilot training, the Indian Air Force’s aerobatics team — Surya Kiran — is likely to get its own aircraft soon. With conclusion of negotiations between the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and BAE Systems, the defence ministry is expected to place an order of 20 Hawk Mk132 aircraft with HAL next month.

BAE Systems is the main supplier for Hawk advanced jet trainers (AJT) to HAL. The Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Navy have so far received over 100 Hawk AJTs. These were part of the earlier two orders of 66 and 57 aircraft placed by the defence ministry with BAE Systems in 2004 and 2010, respectively. Out of 123 Hawks, 24 were supplied in flyaway condition, while the rest were assembled at HAL’s Bengaluru facility.

Unlike the earlier Hawks, the current order will have Hawk AJTs with smoke pots and liveried in the colours of the Surya Kiran team. The order is estimated to be worth more than $500 million.

“BAE had to justify its prices against the previous order. This is a smaller order, and besides new prices being consistent with inflation, BAE has also explained the reasons for the increase in prices beyond inflation,” a senior HAL official involved with price negotiations said.

Once 20 Hawk AJTs are supplied, Surya Kiran will have the capacity to put out the full complement of nine aircraft on display. Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha has promised a display of nine aircraft by the next Aero-India, which is scheduled for early 2017.

In the interim, the Surya Kiran team plans to increase its capacity to have six aircraft on display by the next Air Force Day in October 2016. Surya Kiran will then be able to move beyond a composite formation and put two aircraft on synchronised display for low-level acrobatics.

“The number of aircraft which can be put on display is dependent not only on the availability of aircraft but also on the qualified aircrew available. The two have to be done together to get the nine aircraft on display,” an IAF official associated with the Surya Kiran team explained.

BAE Systems, on its part, has been trying to work closely with HAL to find a future path of development by either weaponsing or exporting the Hawk AJT. In the long term, BAE is eyeing plans to create its own supply chain in India and start export of Hawks from HAL.

The Surya Kiran team of 52 Squadron, which was on display on the Air Force Day earlier this month, is an important component of IAF’s public outreach programme. Based out of Bidar in Karnatka, it currently has six regular Hawk AJTs, which have been pulled out of training activities.

The team is manned by seven pilots, four of whom were with the old Surya Kiran team while three have been newly inducted for Hawk AJTs. The old Surya Kiran team was disbanded in February 2011 after its HAL-built Surya Kiran HJT-16 Mk I and Mk II aircraft were diverted to train fighter pilots.

The British Royal Air Force aerobatics team ‘Red Arrows’ has been using the BAE Systems’ Hawk AJT since 1979.


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Sound-and-light show

Source: the Hindu:

A sound-and-light show will come up at Bidar fort, say official sources.

A team of officials of the Archaeological Survey of India visited the fort and a held a meeting at the ASI local office.

Senior officials like A.M.V. Subramanyam, Superintending Archaeologist and J. Ranganath, Assistant Superintending Archaeologist Engineer, met local officials, district administration sources said. ASI will set up the system along with some consultants. We will provide some logistics support, a senior officer said.


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Inquiry launched into allegations against DCC bank

Source:  The Hindu:

The Department of Cooperation has begun an inquiry into allegations that the District Central Cooperative Bank (DCCB) in Bidar illegally collected share capital from farmers without proper consent.

The bank allegedly converted funds meant for providing loans into share capital for a super-specialty cooperative hospital. It is said to have collected Rs. 30 crore by deducting 30 per cent to 50 per cent.

Most farmers, who applied for the Rs 20,000-kisan credit card loan, got Rs. 9,880 after the DCCB held back the remaining amount as the hospital’s shares.

The hospital is named after Gurupadappa Nagamarapalli, Bidar MLA from the BJP, who has been the DCCB president for over 25 years.


The Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies launched the inquiry after a farmer from Bhalki complained that his loan was cut by half and was compelled to buy the shares.

The complainant, Sangappa Sidramappa Kanashetty, alleged that DCCB “cheated thousands of innocent farmers by diverting funds to the hospital”.

While on the one hand, farmers are suffering, government funds are being diverted to build a cooperative hospital on the other.

This is a brazen attempt to hoodwink the government and cheat farmers who have no other way of getting loans, Mr. Kanashetty told The Hindu .

He said that bank officials were forcing him to withdraw the complaint.

Mr. Nagamarapalli denied the allegations.

“We have not violated any Act or rule. We welcome any inquiry,” he said.

He also denied that the bank had tried to pressurise Mr. Kanashetty to withdraw the complaint.

“We are building the biggest cooperative hospital in Karnataka. The people should support our effort rather than oppose it,” he said.

Fourth inquiry

This is the fourth inquiry against DCCB in a decade.

In 2004, the Department of Cooperation had submitted an inquiry report conducted under Section 64 of the Karnataka State Cooperative Societies Act.

The report said the bank had failed in proper risk assessment of loanees and had given loans to ineligible persons, maintained large non performing assets, released loans to persons who had not repaid earlier ones, and resorted to book adjustments to falsely claim that outstanding loans were repaid.

In 2013, the department conducted an inquiry under Section 69 of the Cooperative Societies Act on similar charges and recommended dissolution of the board of directors and appointment of an administrator. The State government did not act on the recommendations of 2004 or 2013.

In 2014, the Finance Department issued notices to the bank for failing to pay Rs. 39.16 lakh in service tax arrears and penalty.

The bank was given three months to pay up and it complied.

The charge: District Central Cooperative Bank illegally collected share capital from farmers


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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Haryana sheep for State farmers

Source: The Hindu :

Karnataka State Sheep and Wool Development Corporation has tied up with the Central Sheep Breeding Farm in Hisar, Haryana, to provide improved variety of sheep and rams to farmers in the State.

In the first phase, 500 farmers will get rams whose fleece has a great value in the market. Panditrao Chidri, chairman of the corporation, distributed 25 rams to sheep rearers in Bidar on Saturday. One kg of wool fetches upto Rs. 500.

Each ram can weigh up to 40 kg, he said. “We will slowly urge the Karnataka Veterinary, Animal, and Fisheries Sciences University to develop similar breeds,” he said.

The corporation is distributing Rs. 5 lakh to each of the sheep rearers’ cooperative societies in the State. Cooperative banks have been assured refinancing for loans given to sheep rearers, he said. The corporation is giving 18 animal ambulances to various districts, he added.

Ganadheeshwar Hiremath, assistant director of the corporation, and others were present.


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Beauty, Birds and Black Bucks

Source: New Indian Express

Vilaspur, more popularly known as the Blackbuck resort of the Jungle Lodges and Resorts group, is a quiet place tucked away near the Honnikeri reserve forest. Just 18km from Bidar, and 150 km from Hyderabad, it is easily accessible by road. But once you are in, there will not be any connection with the outside world. No internet, no cell phones buzzing (except Airtel nothing else works here). My three days there flew away in bliss.

The resort has 18 spacious and beautiful cottages dotting the periphery of the lake that are thoughtfully designed to suit the local weather. Well furnished and air-conditioned, they spell comfort combined with elegance. Coming in varying sizes, each offers a unique view of the pristine lake. Mine has an excellent view of the lake and the forest beyond.

Standing in the balcony, the trees are at my eye level and the cute little birds are at hand’s reach. Bright red Palash flowers contrasted against the pale green of the drying up grass and the blue waters behind. It is a visual treat! Squirrels that come to nibble at the red flowers chase each other, going up and down so swiftly. It is such a pleasure to watch them run. Once you take your eyes off these, you see the river with cranes hunting for fish on the bank and ducks swimming at the edge of the lake.

Sanju takes us for a boat ride, called coracle it is rowed with an oar. I love the gentle movements of the manual boat, accompanied by the soft gurgle of the water. It feels heavenly, with the water birds making pleasant sounds as the soft breeze that lets you savour the beauty of every moment.

With hills all around and a lake that reflects the setting sun, the resort is very picturesque. It is a perfect setting for those who want to watch the sedate environs come alive with the birds singing and the Langur monkeys swinging on the tree branches. Black naped hare, wild boars and porcupines are also found here. Peacocks too make a sudden appearance and spring a surprise.

Birds like sand grouse, doves, robins, red-vented bulbuls, tree pies, kites and many others can be spotted in the resort. Cormorants, kingfishers, egrets and spot billed ducks are regular visitors to the lake.

Trailing blackbucks on foot and watching them disappear into thickets is a unique experience.

But it is worth it: watching a lovely sunset and later to be rewarded with sighting huge groups of black bucks. Their gait while running, I find the most graceful. We follow in the jeep, wherever the black bucks run. They run so fast, it is tough to get a good close up. But I am content looking at them and freezing the moment in my mind’s eye. What more can I ask for?

fact sheet

Getting there : From Hyderabad, Bidar is 140kms. The resort is 18kms from Bidar city. From Bidar, go towards Navbad (6 kms), proceed for another 6 kms and look out for sign board indicating directions to the resort. Follow signboards for the next 2.5 kms to reach the Blackbuck Resort.

Best time to go: After monsoon, anytime. The surroundings are lush and the weather is at its best between October and February. This is also a good time for bird watching and outdoor activities.

Places to visit: Bidar Fort, Barid Shahi Garden, Gurdwara Nanak Jhira Saheb, Chowbara Must do: Blackbuck trails, Coracle rides, Bird watching, Nature walks, Visit to the heritage monuments nearby.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Source: Bangalore Mirror:     Oct 11, 2015 IST

Think twice before booking a state-owned transport corporation bus as the bus may be cancelled at the last minute without any prior notice. Commuters to Bidar were in for a surprise recently when the North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC) stopped the bus services without any indication. "I had booked a ticket to Bidar (which travels via Hyderabad) in a non-air conditioned sleeper coach bus on Wednesday. The bus was supposed to depart from Kempegowda bus stand (terminal two) at 7.33 pm. I reached the bus stand by 6.45 pm. However, there was no sign of the bus till 7.30 pm.

When I enquired, I was shocked to hear that the sleeper class bus had been cancelled for the day. When I questioned them about the booked tickets, I was told to claim a refund later. However, my biggest worry was how to reach Bidar. Meanwhile, another NEKRTC bus (Suhas service) was parked in the bus stand and was bound for Bidar. So, the conductor told me that the bus would leave the stand at 7.45 pm. Hence I sat inside the bus and was in for another shock this time as the conductor requested me to look for another bus as that schedule had also been cancelled.

With no bus to Bidar (a Volvo service had departed at around 6.30 pm), I was told that I needed to travel to Hyderabad and change bus in the Telangana capital. As it was too late (as it would require 15 to 16 hours to reach Bidar from Bengaluru by bus), I had to drop all my business plans scheduled at Bidar for the day," said Chetan Deshpande, a businessman.

The commuters say if they were informed beforehand about the cancellation or at least on the KSRTC website, they could have searched for alternatives. It's not just Bidar. There have been a number of examples where services were withdrawn at the last minute without intimation. Many commuters travelling from Bidar and Hyderabad too have complained about services being cancelled at the last minute. Another commuter, Chandan Gowda, said the officials cite poor occupancy rate for the cancellation of the service due to introduction of the Yeshwanthpur-Bidar train. When contacted, transport minister Ramalinga Reddy said, "We are known not to cancel services mid-way. However, I shall make enquiries with officials concerned.


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