Its  so exciting to share, one hour episode on 
BIDAR will be telecasted as a part of " It happens only in India" show on FOX Traveller Channel on Sunday 10 th June 2012 at 8:00 PM and  same episode will be repeat telecasted on same channel on  15 th June 2012 Firday at 12:00 Noon  and 16 th June 2012  Saturday at 4:00 PM and 7:00PM

Story revolves like this: 

Bidar, is a small town in North Karnataka. It was the erstwhile capital of the bahmani Sultanate whose tombs and the impressive Bidar Fort are still present there. At the fort Sugandha also picks up some its soil from an unlit portion which she takes to a local craftsmen who uses it to make Bidriware, the metal art which is unique to Bidar. She also visits a cave temple which reached through an underground tunnel.The tunnel, through which an underground river runs, is infested with cockroaches and bats, but faith reighns supreme here. She also meets the dynamic DC of the district who has the only mobile office in India. Sugandha accompanies him and a minister on one of their inspections and gets a taste of governance on the move. She also visits the Mailar Temple, where she is witness to some of the most bizarre practices like whipping and devotees going into a trance and predicting the future... and it was very grim unfortunately for the world!

We hope this show will highlight Bidar at national and international level.

Watch Part 1/5 of  Bidar Episode here :