Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Union government keen on setting up armed forces training centre in Bidar

Source: The Hindu : -

BSF IG PV Sandhu, AC Venkat Raja, MP Bhagwant Khuba and others inspect a site in Hedgapur village in Aurad taluk on Monday.

The Union government has expressed interest in setting up a Central Armed Forces training centre in Bidar district, MP Bhagwant Khuba said in Bidar on Monday.

The centre will set it up by investing Rs. 800 crore, if the State government were to give it around 400 acres of land, Mr. Khuba told The Hindu. It will create a lot of direct and indirect opportunities.

A team led by Pavanjeet Singh Sandhu, Inspector General of special operations, Border Security Force, visited Bidar and held a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Venkat Raja and SP Prakash Nikam.

The officers showed Mr. Sandhu and Mr. Khuba, around 300 acres of land near Hedgapur in Aurad taluk. Mr. Raja described the details of the location to Mr. Sandhu.

Mr. Khuba’s said he had approached the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) requesting it to set up a training centre in the backward district. I met Rajnath Singh during his Vikas Parva rally in Bidar on June 3, and had got an assurance from him, Mr. Khuba said.

The MP’s office released copies of a letter by Mr. Sandhu to the State government expressing interest in setting up the centre. The Ministry of Home Affairs plans to set up Reserve Battalion Key Location Points / training centres in some select districts.

In a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary (home), Bengaluru, Mr. Sandhu has said that if the district administration were to identify suitable land, he would inform the MHA to take further action.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/union-government-wants-to-set-up-armed-forces-training-centre-in-bidar/article9124522.ece

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