Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bidar to get two heritage walks passing through Muslim localities

The State government is developing two heritage walk routes in Bidar city in a bid to boost tourism.

Two roads lined by historical monuments and buildings have been identified inside the old city.

The first one connects Fateh Darwaza to Osman Gunj. It passes through the Chaubara, Naubat Khana, Government Pre-University College for Girls and the Chand Shah Kaman. The second route will be between the Mangalpet Darwaza, to Shah Gunj Darwaza. It will pass through Abul Faiz Khankha, Shah Khanuj Khankha, Azam Gunj, Chaubara, Madrassa of Mahmud Gawan, Teli Galli, Usman Gunj, Ram Mandir and Kunja Nasheen Bunglow.

Each of these routes is around one kilometre long. The streets will be repaired and cobbles stones will be fitted on the footpaths.

Electric lamp posts will be redesigned to look like medieval kerosene lit lamps. Owners of old houses with classic architectural styles will be requested not to change the front elevation or demolish them. Landscaping will be taken up along the route. Local painters will create paintings of monuments on walls of old buildings. “The walks will not only attract tourists, but help the Bidar resident understand the city’s history,” P.C. Jaffer, Deputy Commissioner, said.