Thursday, August 31, 2017

Saviours of craft get short shrift

 Source: The Hans India

 Bidriware, though considered a ‘dying craft’, is ably protected by vestigial craftsmen in the city. Thanks to their unremitting efforts, Hyderabad is the second highest producer of Bidriware, next only to Bidar – the place of its origin.

All they need is proper support, like in Karnataka, to keep this 14th century craft alive. However, the exquisite craft is almost on the verge of extinction in the twin cities due to lack of support from the government. Questions are also being raised about the quality of workmanship today compared to that of the past, non-availability of particular type of sand and rising costs of raw materials.

Items of Bidriware are an alloy of 90 per cent zinc and 10 per cent copper with inlaying of sliver. There is growing demand for Bidriware among foreigners and multinational companies; yet, its production has been on the decline.

Artisans lament that the Telangana government has turned a deaf ear to their woes, whereas the Karnataka government has been taking positive measures to save the centuries-old craft.


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