Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Double murder case solved in Bidar

source: The Hindu :-

Bidar police have arrested a city-based dance teacher who they say killed two of his friends in a fight over a petty issue two days ago.

Sachin Dayanand Kamble (28) of Milind Colony killed Sumit Devdas and Shivakumar Sharanappa and tried to set on fire Sumit’s house near the district stadium, SP Prakash Nikam told presspersons on Saturday.

Sumit had invited four of his friends for a liquor party at his house on September 13. Ramesh and Prashant left after a few drinks at around 11 p.m. Sachin, Sumit and Shivakumar stayed behind and spent the rest of the night drinking. They fought over a trivial issue and Sachin killed the two early morning on Wednesday, the SP said.

According to police sources, Sachin and Sumit fought more than once that night. It got out of hand early morning. Sumit was using foul language while talking on his mobile phone with someone else. Sachin objected to this. Sumit retorted angrily and abused Sachin. The latter lost his temper and hit Sumit with a stick. Sumit's cries woke up Shivakumar who was sleeping nearby. Shivakumar asked Sachin why he hit Sumit and another quarrel ensued. Sachin thought Shivakumar was trying to snatch a stick from under the cot, and so hit him. Shivakumar received injuries on his head and died.

After making sure they were dead, Sachin went to the roof of the house and sat for a few minutes. He came back, stole Sumit’s rings, laptop and mobile phone, switched on the gas stove and set fire to the house before leaving, to make it look like a cylinder blast fire accident. He had also made it difficult for police to trace him by changing mobile phones and changing his location every few hours.

The fire did not spread as a neighbour noticed the fumes and called the fire and emergency services personnel. They reached the spot in a few minutes and averted a major disaster. The fire force personnel called the police after finding the bodies.

Investigators arrested Sachin at Naubad on the outskirts of Bidar on Saturday morning. They recovered the valuables he had stolen. He confessed to the police about the crime. When officers asked him about the fire, he said he wanted to destroy evidence. He said that he used to spend hours watching police procedural dramas and crime serials on TV, from where he got ideas about destruction of evidence.

Mr Nikam congratulated the team of police officers including Deputy SP S.S. Almelkar for solving the case in two days and announced an award to the team.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/double-murder-case-solved-in-bidar/article9119035.ece

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