Saturday, August 27, 2016

Karez line discovered in Bidar old city

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Jamuna Mori Karez that was discovered in Bidar Old City.

Construction workers digging a channel for the underground drainage discovered a Karez line near Kali Masjid in Maniyar Taleem in Bidar Old City on Friday. Karezs are underground aqueducts built during the medieval era to harvest rainwater and filter it before transporting to parched areas. Experts have mapped seven Karez lines across the city till now.

"This line seems to be a part of the Jamuna Mori Karez line that connects the vegetable market to the Bidar fort. However, we will send the location and other details to experts and seek their opinions," said Kishor Joshi, Assistant Director of Tourism.

Govindan Kutty, groundwater expert from Kerala University who mapped the first Karez in Naubad, said the Jamuna Mori was unique. While other lines connected two parts outside the city, Jamuna Mori connected the city to the fort. “There is another theory that says Jamuna Mori was for non-drinking water. We need further research to confirm this,” he said.

Members of non-governmental organisation Team Yuva, who are overseeing cleaning of the Naubad Karez, first noticed the Maniyar Taleem Karez or Jamuna Mori Karez and informed Deputy Commissioner Anurag Tewari.

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