Sunday, August 7, 2016

IoT centre to come up at Bhalki

Source:The Hindu

A Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (IoT) is coming up in Bheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology (BKIT) at Bhalki in Bidar district. This will enable graduate students of all branches to study various courses related to it. It will also offer research opportunities to research scholars. Bharat Ratna C.N.R. Rao will inaugurate the centre on Saturday.

This is the first such centre in an academic institution in the state, say teachers from BKIT. “IOT is the next big thing,” said Sanjay Kumar Gowre, coordinator of the centre. The global standards initiative on IoT estimates that by 2020, there will be around 50,000 crore devices that will be running on this technology across the world. Each individual is expected to have at least eight devices that need to work in an internet enabled environment. “We need to prepare our students to be active participants in this. A full-fledged laboratory has been built for the purpose. Bengaluru based Preva Systems is providing a set of software tools to set up the centre,” Prof. Gowre said.

Students of all disciplines will be given projects based IOT technology, says Nagashetteppa Biradar, professor of information technology. “We have set up a laboratory that involves a smart grid comprising of a network of devices that takes up small tasks. These will be embedded with electronic chips, software and sensors. The network will be always on and data will be continuously exchanged. It is like a group of robots doing their jobs after receiving commands from computers,” he said. One of the priority areas to be taken up is agriculture. Technologies that will help farmers, like protecting crops from animals like elephants, and wild boar and remote controls for irrigation pumpsets will be developed. Advanced farming equipments for weeding, sowing and harvesting and automated drip irrigation systems will also be taken up.

IOT can have a lot of practical implications. For example, a whole hospital can be run on IoT, where tablets used by doctors will sync to computers controlling the lighting, oxygen and medicines administered to patients. All data related to a patient would be analysed to come to the best possible treatment to individual patients.

Prof. Biradar said funds have been sought from the NITI Ayog for further development of the centre under the Atal Innovation Scheme.


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