Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Financial Assistance to Sandeep ( IIT ).

Few weeks back, we had started an online campaign to provide financial assistance to Sandeep Kumar Hanumant 
for his further education in IIT.  His father is a milk man in Gogga village, Bidar Dist. 

We are happy to share that our online campaign was huge success and many of our philanthropist friends credited money directly to his account. 

We are also happy to share list of people who extended their helping hands and contributed towards sandeep`s education by depositing money to Kranti Kumar`s account, which we have transferred to Saneep`s account.

BidarInfo thanks all the people  (including below listed) who extended their support. 

Special thanks  to Rishikesh Bahadur Desai.

1. Abhinav jagetia ( USA)

2. Kranti Kumar Bhure  (Bidar-Bengaluru)

3 Arathi S Math (Bidar-Bengaluru)

4. Yougesh C (Bidar-Bengaluru)

5. Praveen Chintamani and Pune Kannada group

6. Shiv Kumar patil  ( Bidar-UK)

7. Sanjeev patil (Bidar-Bengaluru)

8. Kiran Kumar Atnoor ( Bidar)

9. Nagreddy Nagesh  ( Bengaluru)

10. Naveen Metre  ( Bidar-Bengaluru)

11. Narendra Nila ( Bidar -Bengaluru)

12. Mahesh S Patil ( Bengaluru )

13. Gururaj Manahall (Bengaluru)


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