Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TCAS undergoing trials

Source: TheHindu:-

Field trials of Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) providing real-time display of signalling information inside the locomotive cab to help drivers run the trains at higher speeds was tested by the South Central Railway (SCR) on Monday.

TCAS has been introduced on 250 km stretch of Lingampalli – Vikarabad – Wadi Section and on Vikarabad – Bidar section of SCR for extensive field trials.

SCR General Manager Ravindra Gupta inspected the system being tested on the Lingampalli-Vikarabad section of Secunderabad division. Mr. Gupta extensively reviewed TCAS implementation on the run and wanted field trials be completed at the earliest by addressing the teething problems.

TCAS is an indigenously developed system of Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow, as well as the SCR.

TCAS is an indigenously developed system of RDSO, Lucknow, as well as the SCR


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