Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Investors promise Rs. 510 crore in Bidar

Source: The Hindu :-

Industrialists promised to invest around Rs. 510 crore in Bidar over the next few years to set up various units. Luxury hotels to boost tourism, pharmaceutical molecule makers, sugarcane-based industries, solar energy units and new energy units such as LED lights are the main units attracting such investment.

Deputy Commissioner Anurag Tewari said that a common effluent treatment plant will be set up at the cost of Rs. 125 crore to help industries in Bidar.

The State government has released Rs. 3.4 crore for the development of infrastructure in Basava Kalyan. Auto nagars will be developed in Bidar and Basava Kalyan, he said.

He assured the investors of providing all infrastructure under Union government-sponsored schemes such as Amrut and Hriday.

The Bidar-Kalaburgi railway line will be completed soon. The possibilities of operating civilian aircraft from the Bidar Air Force base are bright, he said.

Karnataka Small Scale Industries Development Corporation will set up industrial hubs in Gandhi Gunj, and Thana Kushnoor in Aurad in the coming years, he said. Of the 73 units approved in the State-level investors meet, 22 have started working, Mr. Tewari said.


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