Monday, July 13, 2015

Way to keep Folk art alive.

When I used to stay in Rajasthan, I had noticed, Rajasthan is the place which utilize their Folk/traditional culture  full extent and because of its proper use in tourism and cultural events, most of the folk artisans are doing well economically and its also helping to increase tourism.

While going through recent folk artists strike news in The Hindu newspaper, it struck in my mind that, why can't Karnataka tourism/Kannada and culture ministry utilize our folk artisans in a rich heritage city like Bidar. We can showcase our folk art to the tourist who visit Bidar and in return our folk art will be alive and folk artisans will also become economically stronger. This will also help to promote tourism and bring more tourists to the town.

Few of the Folks arts/songs observed in Bidar districts are monsoon songs, Bhoolayi songs, Sobhane songs,Minchanni, Aiyanni songs, Gee-Gee pada, Lambani dance, Chitaki ,Gondali dances, Etc.

Though Karnataka is rich in Folk art and its heritage, but as of now these folk arts are restricted to respective UTSAVAs ( which are celebrated once in year in respective historical rich districts), but we urge government to consider these arts in promoting and utilizing in

tourism events everyday/week to showcase for tourism in same way like Rajasthan does. So that folk arts which shows Karnataka culture will be alive and also artisans will also be financially

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