Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Village residents set van on fire in Bidar after two die in accident

Source: the Hindu

Residents of Tadola village in Basava Kalyan taluk on Sunday set fire to a van, after a road accident claimed two lives.

Vijay Kumar Metre (40) principal of Vivekananda PU College in Basava Kalyan, and his wife, Pushpalata (30), died when the van rammed their bike. Ms. Pushpalata was pregnant, the police said.

Their two children, Prerana (12) and Vinay Kumar (6), were injured. They have been admitted to a hospital in Umerga in Maharashtra.

Onlookers were angry as the driver did not stop the van but tried to escape, the police said.
The driver did not stop the vehicle and tried to escape


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