Thursday, July 9, 2015

From here & there-Imposing tombs of Bahmani kings

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Bahmani Sultans are known for the construction of forts, mosques and palaces. Large tombs of some of the Sultans dot the outskirts of Bidar. Two large and one small tomb are located in Ashtur about 4 km from Bidar next to Sahib Sri Nanak Jhira Gurudwara. The tombs exemplify the royal artistic patronage of the sultans. The complex includes tombs of the ninth and the tenth Bahmani Sultans, Ahmed Shah-al-Wali and Allauddin Shah II.

Verses written in golden colour against a dark background are the main attractions in one of the tombs. The two tombs with a height of 30 metres are square structures, with a typical dome. The interiors are coloured and the ceiling has fine paintings, befitting the solemn place like the burial tomb of a Sultan.

Architectural style of the sultans comprised of structures with niches, arches and lofty domes. Visitors are allowed twice a week to pray inside and offer flowers to the tombs as a mark of respect. The annual urs attracts crowds of Muslims as well as Hindus underlining the significance of communal harmony.

Recently, the Archaeological department has taken charge of these monuments. Apart from the renovation work, the department is also developing a garden outside. A brief description of the tombs placed outside on a board would help visitors to know more about these structures.


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