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Go Heritage Run – Bidar

Go Heritage Run – Bidar 

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Date - 2 November 2014
Distances – 5km, 10km, 21km
Registration fee – Rs. 900 (10km and 21km), Rs. 700 (5km)
Please note that this is a fun run, timing will not be noted and no prize money will be awarded.
Families, friends, beginner runners and walkers are invited too!

What does the Registration fee include?
An information tour of the Karez water system on the day prior to the run conducted by experts (tentative – subject to the availability of the experts). This will be an experience you cannot buy!
Souvenir tshirt
Run support including electrolytes, water, etc
A unique finisher cum souvenir medal
Post run breakfast
A run through a beautiful, scenic route and a tryst with history
Surprise goodies!
Start times

21k run – 6 am

10k run – 7 am

5km run – 7.30 am
Why Bidar?

Bidar is on the tentative list of World Heritage Sites in India and in World Monuments Fund’s 2014 Watch list. We are glad to bring attention to this underrated heritage site!

The Bahmani and Barid Shahi monuments at Bidar dating from late 15th to the early 16th centuries, comprise of the Bidar Fort, the Madrasa Mahmud Gawan, the Bahamani tombs at Ashtur and the Barid Shahi tombs.

The royal palaces and two large mosques, the Jami Masjid and the Solha Khumba Masjid are located within the irregular, circular fort of Bidar. The six-mile long fort wall, built with huge stone blocks of reddish laterite stone is strengthened with 37 bastions, and has several gates with barbicans.

The significant achievement in Bidar is the sophisticated system of gates and sluices that could be used when required to flood segments of the moat and thus preserve water.

The historic town of Bidar is famous for more than its grand ruins. The ancient art of Bidri was born here, during the rule of the Bahmani sultans. It is said that Abdullah bin Kaiser, a craftsman who came from Iran on the Sultan’s invitation to decorate Bidar’s royal buildings, developed this art along with the local artisans. Bidriware is made with a blackened alloy of zinc, inlaid with thin wires of pure silver.

Photolog of a roadtrip to Bidar –
Bidri craft –
Getting to Bidar

Bidar is about 147km from Hyderabad and an overnight journey (690km) from Bangalore by road.
Nearest Railhead -

Bidar, Karnataka.

Trains from Hyderabad – link

Trains from Bangalore – link
You could also choose to book a train till Gulbarga and take one of the numerous buses from there.
Nearest Airport -

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (GHIAL) in Hyderabad is the nearest airport.
Bus -

Bangalore – There are several buses run by private operators and the government (KSRTC) to Bidar daily. Most KSRTC buses depart from KBS (Majestic).

Hyderabad – KSRTC Volvo buses from Bangalore travel via Hyderabad and are a good option. Numerous buses starting from Hyderabad ply at regular intervals too.
Car/self drive –

If you are traveling with your family or a bunch of friends, you can consider driving down to Bidar directly. The roads are great, but drive safe! Bidar is about 150km from Hyderabad. Directions – link.
Carpool -

If you would like to carpool, please use this tool – link.

Add your details (have a car or need a ride, contact details) and you will be notified whenever there are updates.

We are only trying to facilitate carpooling, but you are responsible for your safety and travel. Please exercise caution and keep alternate travel options as backup.
Payment details

Registration and payment – link.

Accommodation options
Here are a few options in decreasing order of cost and probably facilities (this is FYI only and we request you to please verify before booking).

Discounts –

Please mention ‘Go Heritage Run – Bidar’ to avail the following discounts (will be updated as we have more info) –
Hotel Sapna – 25%

We are trying to speak to the Gurudwara and request permission to use their rooms/dormitory too.

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