Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The newcomer Dr Umesh with a medicine degree in Ayurveda is also brining the belief of ‘Atma’ traveling for 13 days after death and then joining the birth concept in a Kannada film.

Dr Umesh hailing from Bidar discussed his script with Upendra and on the lines of how Upendra thinks, he has brought out a screenplay. He has the reference of ‘Garuda Purana and Ayurvedic Medicine’ belief to his subject. The Atma joins for rebirth or else it becomes Prethathma! The modern science may not believe it but, I am doing according to my imagination says Dr Umesh well informed on the topics. Another point he stressed is that the ‘Atma’ in the 13 days do not harm anyone.

It is Upendra who suggested new star cast for the film script. Dr Umesh worked with Upendra from the days of Super. In this film he is using the horror technique for narration.

A portion of this film also dates back to Moghul Emperor and the reference in Bidar ‘Kutthe Ka Kabar’ is also included in this film. The ‘Atma’ role is played by Mahesh, Pradeep and Chytra are in lead roles. The maximum shoot will be held in Bidar. Five days of shoot will be in Bangalore. Dr Umesh is roping in two well known faces for some portion in the film. The film begins at Abhiman Studio at Dr Vishnuvardhana Samadhi place and end at Bidar.

Chytra U2 anchor an arts graduate like Pradeep hero of the film is playing a middle class Bidar district girl. Pradeep has stage experience behind him.

Kale Gowda of Gollaratti in to Environment protection and real estate is producer with another person. AM Neel is scoring music for three songs and a bit.

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