Friday, April 12, 2013

Bidar constable stabs colleague, kills himself

 A police constable stabbed a fellow constable at the office of the superintendent of police in Bidar on Wednesday morning. Caught in the act, the attacker stabbed himself and succumbed at a Hyderabad hospital in the night.

Manohar, 30, the jeep driver of an inspector with the district crime records bureau in Bidar, was stabbed by his friend Narasa Reddy, a constable at the Mannalli police station. Both were appointed in the same year and were good friends. They had worked together at the Hallikhed police station in Humnabad taluk.

Narasa Reddy reportedly came armed with a knife. They met in the morning at the SP's office, talked for an hour and then went to the canteen which is on the ground floor of the SP's office.

After a snack, they came to the first floor office and sat in a corner which was deserted. "Ten minutes later, Manohar started screaming. We rushed in and saw Manohar lying in a pool of blood," said HM Ingleshwar, inspector, DCRB, who saw Narasa Reddy holding a knife in his hand. The other policemen grabbed Narasa Reddy and pushed him away from Manohar.

When Narasa Reddy saw Manohar bleeding profusely, he got frightened and suddenly stabbed himself. "We managed to stop him from stabbing himself again," said Ingleshwar.

Both were given first aid at the Bidar district hospital which said Narasa Reddy died later. Manohar's condition was critical.