Thursday, April 25, 2013

20 candidates withdraw nominations in Bidar

111 left in Bidar

Bidar Special Correspondent writes:

As many as 20 candidates withdrew their nominations from five of the six constituencies in the district.

There are now 111 candidates left. Eight withdrew from Bidar South, including Sanjay Kheny of the Karnataka Makkala Paksha. Six withdrew from Bidar: Syed Aslam Ishaq of the All-India Muslim League (Secular), and Independents Ali Khan M.D. Khan, Nayeemuddin Raheemuddin, Shridhar Shripal, Sudesh Kumar Devidas and Syed Wahid Syed Shabbir Ali.

Three Independents withdrew from Bhalki: Indrajit Rao Ramachandra, Anil Naganath and Vivekanand.

Two independents withdrew from Aurad: Hanumanth Nagappa and Baburao Arjun.

Basavakalyan saw the withdrawal of the Lok Satta Party’s candidate, Deepak. No one withdrew from Humnabad.

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