Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He stoped granting Jahgirs to the officers and paid salary in cash

More famous than its rulers and one who rendered loyal service to the Bahamani states with a spirit of selflessness was Mohammad Gawan. Born at Gilan Persia he was educated at Cairo (in Egypt). He studied Islamic theology and law and mastered the Arabic and the Persain languages. He came to Bidar in 1477 AD and was appointed as an officer by Alla-ud-din II. Later he became a minister. Under Mohammad III, he was appointed the prime minister. By his administrative ability and skill, he increased the fame of the Bahamani kingdom. He expanded the kingdom by conquering Konkan, Belgaum and Goa from Vijayanagar after 1469 Ad. In 1478 AD. He invaded Orissa and conquered the Kon daveedu fort. He also reached Kanchi in 1481 AD. And brought a rich booty from the camaign. But people who envied him for his achievements in the all-round develpment of the realm poisoned the mind of the Sultan against Gawan. The Sultan had Gawan beheaded in 1481 AD. After him the Bahamani kindom was weakened and in 1489 AD. It broke up.

The Bahamani kingdom was administered according to the Islamic laws. The four provinces into which the kingdom was divided, was further divided into eight provinces (Tarafs) by Gawan. The unruly Governors (Tarafdars) and rich nobles were suppressed by Gawan. He tried to stop the practice of granting Jahgirs to the officers and payed them salary in cash. Every Taraf had a strong fort with a strong army contigent stationed in it. The Tarafs were divided into SaParaganas. He provided a sound administration. He regulated the revenue collection and the postal system. The fertility of the soil, irrigation facility and vicinity of the land to the market were considered in settling the land revenue of a piece of land. Many taxes which were irksome to the people were cancelled.


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