Friday, November 9, 2012

Bidar growers demand fair price for sugarcane

They want Rs. 3,000 for a tonne of sugarcane

Members of the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha staged a “rasta rook” across the district on Tuesday criticising the government for not fixing a fair price for sugarcane.

Roads blocked

The farmers blocked roads leading to sugar factories in Bidar, Aurad, Bhalki, Basavakalyan and Humnabad.

They shouted slogans against the State government and sugar factory managements for not paying arrears from last year and failing to announce the price for this year.

‘Pass order’
They demanded that the government pass an order instructing factories to pay Rs. 3,000 a tonne of sugarcane. They urged the factories to abide by such orders.

They objected to the State government issuing district-specific orders.

“The government recently issued an order fixing the price of sugarcane at Rs. 2,400 a tonne for growers in Mandya. Why can it not issue orders that apply to every district?” Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha leader Vishwanath Patil Koutha said.

He dismissed factories’ claims of making losses as “misleading”.

“When sugar was selling at Rs. 1,800 a quintal, sugar factories were paying growers Rs. 1,000 per tonne of sugarcane supplied. But they are not ready to pay Rs. 3,000 when sugar is selling at Rs. 3,600 a quintal,” Mr. Koutha said. Leaders of farmers such as Prabhurao Patil, Mallikarjun Swamy, Srimant Biradar, Chandrashekar Jamkhandi, Satish Nannure, Siddappa Sanmani, Sumant Gramle, Nagaiah Swamy, Dhoolappa Sooralli, and Veeresh Shambhu were present.

  • Sugar factories urged to pay arrears
  • Government’s district-specific orders on sugarcane price criticised