Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jaffer expresses concern over slow pace of works

Only 3 p.c. of UGD work has been completed in 12 months’

Deputy Commissioner P.C. Jaffer has expressed concern over the slow pace at which various development works in the district are progressing.

At a meeting to review ongoing projects here on Tuesday, Mr. Jaffer observed that the progress of the underground drainage work taken up by the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation was just 3 per cent in 12 months. The project was supposed to be completed in 18 months. How can the remaining 97 per cent be completed in six months, he asked officials.

He instructed officials to issue notice to the contractors and seek explanations. He pointed out that only 15 per cent of the drinking water project had been completed in one year. It had to be expedited, he said.

He asked officials to resolve the issue that had arisen out of objections filed by village residents against the construction of the sewage treatment plant as part of the underground drainage system.

Several small- and medium-scale works taken up under the Chief Ministers Small and Medium Town Development Programme had been delayed for too long. They should be completed by September-end, he said.

Several works taken up under the Karnataka State Financial Corporation and the 22.75 per cent allocation scheme in the Bidar City Municipal Council (CMC) have been pending since 2009. They should be completed soon, he said. He directed CMC officials to submit proposals for new projects to be taken up for 2012-2013.

Mr. Jaffer said that the CMC was lagging behind in revenue collection. The problem should be addressed now before it affected the financial condition of the institution, he said. “Even the revenue collection figures submitted by officials are not exact. The CMC should reassess the number of taxable properties and the estimated revenue.” It should also intensify revenue collection measures, he added.

‘Make a list’

Several residents did not pay water bills regularly. Officials should prepare a list of unregistered water connections that need to be regularised, he said. He also sought a list of property owners who had not paid tax.

Rahim Khan, MLA; Raghunath Malkapure, MLC; Sridevi Karanji, CMC president; Baburao Madakatti, Bidar Urban Development Authority Chairman; and officials from the Public Works Department and the CMC, were present.

  • ‘Complete works under Chief Minister’s development programme by September-end’
  • ‘Bidar CMC should intensify revenue collection measures’