Thursday, April 5, 2012

21 day Film Shoot in Bidar

Known for gritty films and punching dialogues for almost all heroes of Kannada cinema MS Ramesh the sitting President of Kannada Film Directors Association has thrown a challenge for anyone to prove that so and so scene in the film is copied from any other film in the past. I have made‘Krishna son of CM’ so carefully and it is very refreshing cinema with a social message. MS Ramesh thanked the Bidar SP, DSP, Bandappa Kashappanavar for extending support to the 21 days shooting of the film. Bidar is a hot city but people are very cool. We wanted that geographical surroundings for the film and picked this place. According to CM means clever man Common Man etc. In this film a common man takes on a clever man with high clout. Common man in this film increases the youths responsibility stated MS Ramesh.

Producer Yogish Hunsur waiting for a big breakthrough is confident of people acceptance to this film ‘Krishna Son of CM’. According to Yogish the people in hot city Bidar are so cool at heart. They have extended good cooperation for the film shooting and there was flood of people in the scorching sun light to watch the shooting remembers Yogish Hunsur.

This is the kind of power filled role I was looking for. I can say in my career this is the best as dialogues and action are so strong and appealing says actor Ajay Rao with series of hits to his credit like Taj Mahal, Krishnan Love Story and Krishnan Marriage Story.

source:supergood movies