Monday, January 16, 2012

‘Bidri’, ‘Chidri’ Art Stall Steals Show at Mangalore Youth Festival

It’s not easy to master an art. It needs constant hard work and perseverance. Such an art was unveiled at the 17th National Youth Festival in the city on Sunday January 15.

The ‘Bidri’ artistes from Bidar and ‘Chidri’ youth clubs that belong to Uttar Karnataka Crafts and Cultural Development have exhibited their distinct Bidri and Chidri arts in their stall at the youth festival on Sunday.

Bidri art is a sensitive art that dates back six centuries and was mastered by Europeans. It’s a Persian art and was promoted by the Baridi and Bahumani Kingdoms in India. It’s a handicraft that needs perseverance to create masterpieces. The artists make key bunches, boxes, footwear, earthen pot, ashtrays, and numerous other items depending on customer’s need.

The artistes use zinc and copper to make the objects. They use 10 percent of copper and 90 percent of zinc and give a final touch with silver. The artifacts made are expensive. Bidri artifacts are sold at prices from Rs 30 to Rs 8 lac. The size of the artifact determines the time it takes to make. Therefore, it’s a sensitive art and the success of the artist depends on his hard work and focus on set job.

“It’s our profession since generations. We had created a huge pot with Bidri art that was presented to American president Barack Obama by Ratan Tata, when the former visted India recently. It cost Rs 8 lac,” says Ubaidulla, a Bidri artist from Bidar.

Chidri art is also a distinct art like Bidri art. It’s not an expensive art and is stronger than Bidri. The artifacts art made out of aluminum and coated with copper. It does not have art work and creativity like that of Bidri which is priced between Rs 10 to Rs 1,500.

Bidri Youth Club of Bidar is not only engaged in creating artifacts, it also provides employment to hundreds of youth. Their artwork is displayed in exhibitions held in Germany, UK, Australia, South Africa, USA, Mexico, and other countries. A mega exhibition will be held in China in March. A tableau based on Bidri art, which represented Karnataka at the Republic Day celebrations held in New Delhi on January 26, 2011, had bagged a prize.