Friday, January 28, 2011

BidriWare (Bidar) handcraft was the highlight of Karnataka tableau in R-Day parade , New delhi

Karnataka chose to display its Muslim artisans known for their Bidri work. The motif is named after its place of origin -- Bidar district -- and the art form had travelled from Persia in the 11th century during the time of Sultan Ahmed Shah. It fused with local art forms to give rise to a craft that is largely practised by Muslim artisans. CM B S Yeddyurappa told TOI, "We want to say the state is proud of its art and artisans, supports it workers, its poor, irrespective of their caste and community."
Source: Times of india


From MSN: (
The exotic handicrafts from Bidar -- Bidriware -- was the highlight of Karnataka tableau showcasing the finest of the human workmanship.

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