Friday, November 19, 2010

Doorarshan (DD) TV serial to showcase grandeur of Bidar fort

The grandeur of the famous Bijapur and Bidar forts in Karnataka will form a part of the Doordarshan’s primetime serial on Indian forts starting from Sunday. The 26-episode serial will capture the splendour Red Fort, Daultabad fort and Golkunda fort.

  Director of the serial G S Chani told Deccan Herald that the first episode of the serial is dedicated to the Daultabad fort, one of the oldest in the country, and famous among medieaval Delhi rulers as the gateway of South India. The episodes on Bijapur and Bidar will be shown after the episode on Golkonda.

“The forts of Golkonda, Bidar, Bijapur and Daultabad are spell-binding. They constantly remind us of the resplendent legacy we have inherited. One cannot escape the mystique and charisma of the personalities who built such  magnificent monuments. In Bidar, the shadow of Mahmud Gawan looms large; in Bijapur you can feel the presence of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, fondly remembered by citizens of Bijapur as Ali Wali,” says the director.

The serial is a documentary which narrates the story of these forts. Narrator of the serial Dr Puspesh Pant says that in addition to depicting the history of forts, the serial also explains the architecture styles adopted in these forts. 

Doordarshan Director General Aruna Sharma said, “The idea behind the serial is to generate public interest in these monuments so that their help could be sought in preserving them from utter neglect.”

Institutions like INTACH and the Archeological Survey of India took special interest in the production of this serial.                                              
Source: Deccan Herald