Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Government yet to implement decisions taken at Cabinet meeting in Gulbarga 2008

The B.S. Yeddyurappa Government, which is all set to hold the Cabinet meeting in Gulbarga on Monday, is yet to implement decisions taken during the maiden Cabinet meeting in Gulbarga in 2008 pertaining to the development of Bidar.
Special grant
The first decision is regarding the release of a Rs. 136-crore special grant to develop Bidar for the Gur Ta Gaddi celebrations. The grant was meant for improving infrastructure at pilgrimage places in Bidar. The amount was to be shared by the Union Government and the State Government. However, only the Centre's share of Rs. 75 crore has been received till now.
The Government had approved the release of the first instalment of Rs. 91 crore (State Government's share of Rs. 16 crore and Centre's share of Rs. 75 crore) but released only Rs. 75 crore in 2008. In 2009, the State Government wrote to the district administration to plug the cost at Rs. 75 crore. However, the district administration said that it had already awarded tenders for Rs. 91 crore. It requested that the full amount be released soon but the State Government is yet to take any action.
Secondly, the State Government is yet to keep its promise of paying an additional Rs. 100 crore to the Railways to lay the Bidar-Gulbarga railway line. “The Government has not released the matching grants for the budget year 2010-2011,” said Congress MLC Khaji Arshed Ali.
Suvarna Gramodaya

Source: The Hindu
URL: http://www.hindu.com/2010/10/03/stories/2010100353680300.htm

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